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Winter camping!

Yes we did it. With three kids in tow. “I could never!” Is what one of our friends said to us when we got back. When you think “winter camping” you may think that we pulled out our camper went out for a weekend.… Continue Reading “Winter camping!”

Cataract Creek 2018

Cataract Creek Adventures Calgary snowmobile club   If you ever get a chance to check out Cataract Creek (Calgary Snowmobile Club) I highly suggest you do!  My husband and I have been wanting to check out this area for a while now and it… Continue Reading “Cataract Creek 2018”

Sledding Family?….like ..with 3 kids!?….

So like… you guys all sled? Yes…. So like…. you take all 3 kids out all day? Yes…… Like in the cold? Yes…. All day? Yes… And no one complains? Well…. not exactly…       We have had this conversation more times then… Continue Reading “Sledding Family?….like ..with 3 kids!?….”

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